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Experts for wireless sensor systems

TOOL Control
Integrated diagnosis &
process control in
machine tools

Overview of
Wireless Tempeature Control

ROTOR Control
Wireless Temperature regulation
in E-motors

FOOD Assist
Wireless temperature regulation in food preparation

GLT integrated load sensors for the constant surveillance of builings and infrastructure

In recent years, pro-micron GmbH has established itself as a technology leader in the field of wireless sensor technology for monitoring and control tasks.
Our innovative, wireless sensor products accompany our well-known customers on their way to the age of Industrie 4.0. We develop and manufacture sensor systems for plant and machine construction, the food industry and aerospace.

controlling heat & force for your benefit

Milling metalworking process. Precision industrial CNC machining of metal detail by cutting mill at factory
areospace and energy
Automotive transmission gearbox with lots of details
electronic assemblies in a wave soldering machine 01

Our Goals

striving to be first in our global markets

to add intelligence to our customers' solutions

with our unique wireless sensor systems