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With the tip_300 sensor technology at CWIEME 2022 in Berlin

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With the tip_300 sensor technology at CWIEME 2022

Thank you for the many visits to our booth at CWIEME 2022 in Berlin. The product tip_300 has generated a lot of interest among many visitors. We had exciting discussions about the advantages of our tip_emotion sensor technology and are very pleased to be able to equip further test benches with it.

Why temperature measurement at the rotor? 

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-17 um 09.27.44

71% of the costs of an e-motor are material costs, a significant part of it for magnets

(rising trend)

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Our Experiments show: the difference between the calculated and the actual temperature of the magnets was 

almost 20 Kelvin



Are you interested in tip_300?

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Dr. Stefan Mühlbauer
Head of Business Unit tip300
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