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neues pro-micron Gebäude

Experts for wireless solutions

  • Tailor-made products
  • Production skills
  • Infrastructure
  • Innovative microtechnology
  • Wireless sensors in complex environment
  • Network for innovations
Ein Zahnrad, das aus mehreren Puzzleteilen besteht. Das letzte fehlende Teil ist rot eingefärbt und wird gerade eingesetzt.

Tailor made products - developed according to your requirements

  • Application and modification development in close collaboration with customers 
  • Maintenance free, wirelessly communicating devices
  • Wireless sensors and sensor techonlogy, fine-tuned to specific requirements

Core fields of pro-micron range from the application and modification development to the maturity of product and series, in close cooperation with the customer. The maintenance freewireless communicating systems have interfaces available for visualization or connection to superordinate systems. Customized products means, that costumers receive the exact solutions necessary for their respective problems.

Fertigungs-Arbeitsplatz bei pro-micron.

Production skills

  • Specialised production skills in manufacturing hybrid microsystems 
  • Batch size from 1 – 100 000 items
  • Partly and fully automated production options
  • Cleanroom production
  • Integrated testing procedures for volume production
  • Certified production processes
Miteinander verbundene Kugeln, wobei eine rot eingefärbte Kugel den Mittelpunkt darstellt.

Specific infrastructure- Everything needed for micro mechatronics

  • Maximum flexibility due to an interdisciplinary team
  • Individual manufacturing capacities for serial production
  • Extensive quality management

pro-micron uses a wide-ranging interdisciplinary team that specializes in physicsmachine construction,industrial engineeringmicro-mechatronicselectronics and micro-system technology and plays a significant role in the concept and development of wireless sensor technology. Additionally, pro- micron has its own in-house production and manufacturing capacity and a clean-room in the company’s building, according to DIN EN ISO 14644-6, which is used to produce prototypes and batch products. Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and an extensive quality management, guarantee that customer’s specific developments are led purposefully to production- and series-maturity..


Innovative microtechnology

  • Layout creation and circuit design
  • Everything from electro-magnetic simulation of static charge up to high frequency technology
  • Design and production of special radio modules, special sensors and antenna
Specialized Glue Technology
Specialized gluing technology
  • Design and manufacture of micro coils
  • AVT of micro-components
  • Handling of minutest quantities of special materials and glue
  • Fine placing and annealing
  • Wire bonding and shear testing
  • Hermetic sealing and casing technology
  • Special micro-welding process
Schwarze Pfeile, die alle in eine Richtung zeigen mit einem roten Pfeil im Zentrum, der in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zeigt.

Wireless sensor technology in complex environment – measure where it is usually not possible

  • Small, ruggedized and compact to be used at the most difficult measuring points
  • Measurement at fast moving parts, in oil mist, at temperatures up to 300°C
  • Compliance to radio guidelines up to 2.45 GHz

Sensor solutions in metal surroundings of machinery often face the problem that at places where measurements are wished to be taken, no wire-based systems are possible, because the desired points of measurement are to be found on fast moving componentsWireless solutions often encounter problems such as a multipath distribution of the signals caused by the metallic surroundings or a change of frequency due to the Doppler- effect in moving components.

pro-micron fulfills these requirements and offers wireless sensor solutions with special signal processing methods that function in areas with signal distortion due to metal surroundings or moving machine components.Wireless sensor solutions allow readings to be taken in otherwise impossible positions, in line with radio regulations.

Vier Menschen halten sich gegenseitig an den Handgelenken fest

Network for Innovation – always the very latest

  • Cooperation with a wide network of research institutes and service providers
  • The latest technical developments
  • Optimal quality due to extensive networking

pro-micron has assistance from a large network of external research facilities, service suppliers and possesses a broad-ranged portfolio of knowledge to solve specific needs.  With the assistance of external providers, pro-micron has access to the latest technological developments and prototypes, plus extended technical know-how, enabling the optimization of the customer’s specific demands.  This close co-operation and extensive network puts pro-micron in position to reliably manufacture large batch numbers.

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