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spike® ensures good surface quality and full achievement of the tool life.

spike® with DMG Mori

  • Type of use
    integrated in spindle in the TCC
  • Benefit
    spike® as spike_inspindle for the force-based dynamic tool change
  • Details
    spike® as TCC at the HMI is integrated in the Celos sidescreen with the pro-micron Tool Control Center-app. 

„With spike® as a sensory tool holder or as a spindle-integrated variant in our TCC, we pragmatically make it easier for our customers to make their way to Industrie 4.0 production. If only one of the tool cutting edges is worn out, we can force-controlled and replace the sister tool in a timely and fully automated manner to ensure surface quality and at the same time make full use of tool life. Integrated into out Celos interface, the machine operator or process optimizer can use the spike®__polar to see the cutting edges live and automatically report major changes”.

- Alfred Geißler, executive director Deckel, Maho Pfronten GmbH

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