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your pro-micron contact persons

Do you have questions about our products, or would you like to learn more about pro-micron? Get in touch with us, our contact persons will be happy to help you.

How to find us

The central location of our pro-micron headquarters in Kaufbeuren and the connection to the B12 make us easy to find and quick to reach.


spike® product-inquiries

Kontakt spike® - Porträt Lennart Riehle

Lennart Riehle
Head of Sales
+49 8341 9560 - 50

technical Support

Kontakt spike® support - Porträt Mathias Pfuhl

Mathias Pfuhl
Head of Technical Support
+49 8341 9560 - 830


Product and Service

Kontakt tip_300 - Porträt Stefan Mühlbauer

Dr. Stefan Mühlbauer
Head of Business Unit tip300
+49 8341 9560 - 644

Contact for other requests

General requests

Kontakt allgemein - Porträt Ute Mayr

Ute Mayr
Tel.: +49 8341 9164-31
Fax: +49 8341 9164-20