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Great praise from Heule Werkzeug AG

Our partners at HEULE Werkzeug AG have great praise for the spike® sensory tool holder.

spike_mobile with forces drawn-in

Maximum process reliability at COFA with monitoring
„We only use the Heule deburring solutions when we can detect the sporadic defect in the manufacturing process!", this was the customer's statement during the project.
Our customer manufactures a pump housing with a system pressure of 300 bar. In this workpiece there are high-pressure bores with increased requirements for deburring. Downstream, the pump housings are subjected to a high-pressure cleaning module. This process step removes any flake chips from the deburring process reliably.
The customer's requirements for deburring with the COFA tools, including the COFA-X tool, were met in initial tests at Heule.
While the pulse strength and quality of deburring with HEULE exceeded that of the previous competitor's tool, the competitor's tool had the advantage that the machine-integrated tactile probe allowed the tool to be checked for damage. If the tool was bent, the customer knew that the last part was insufficiently deburred and had to stop the machine. This turned out to be much more difficult or even impossible with the HEULE-Tools.
However, the customer found a system provider on the market who could meet the requirements and ensures good quality parts. The spike® mobile product from pro-micron ( has now been successfully integrated on several series machines and the rollout to all machines is underway.
Based on the very good experience from this project, I recommend this solution to customers with the need of detecting the sporadic error. It increases our process capability to a level not previously achieved, but also requires the customer to invest accordingly."

Image: When the spike-mobile product is used with COFA, it is able to detect sporadic defects with bending moment measurements - in our case, the lack of deburring.

René Kehl, Key Account Manager