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pro-micron team event at the Grünten

Das pro-micron Team am Treffpunkt des Teamevents, bereit zum Aufstieg zur Höfle-Alp

Let's go, the fun begins!

The pro-microneers during the ascent to the hutThat was our motto when we set off from the pro-micron headquarters in Kaufbeuren to the Höfle-Alp on the Grünten on Friday, February 10, 2023. After the bus ride, the toboggans were unloaded and packed right away, as some of our adventurous pro-microneers would spend the night at the rustic alpine hut and go skiing the next day. Shortly after, the actual excursion of the team event also started, as the ascent to the Höfle-Alp now awaited us.

An adventure at the end

The Höfle-Alp in the evening before the first tobogganingAfter the energy-sapping climb, we were all happy when we finally reached the top. There, after the equipment had been taken off, we had a good meal, plenty of drinks and, of course, a good atmosphere. So all colleagues could enjoy this team event in a friendly atmosphere.
After the meal, the first goodbyes were said, as some of them were on their way home again. So the team event ended for a part of the group with an adventurous night sledding down the mountain.

Enjoying the winter all day

The adventurous pro-microneers skiing on SaturdayFor the rest of our group, after a quiet night in the alpine hut, we continued the next morning. After a hearty breakfast, it was also "Off we go" for us as we tobogganed down the mountain to embark shortly afterwards on the next adventure, a day of skiing at the Neunerköpfle ski area in the Tannheimer Tal. After this strenuous excursion, it was "Pfiat Gott" for the last pro-microneers as well, and so we finally made our way home exhausted at the end of the team event.


The pro-microneers during the ascent to the hut
The Höfle-Alp in the evening before the first tobogganing
The adventurous pro-microneers skiing on Saturday