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pro-micron vaccination campaign meets with great media interest

“Herd immunity” – Would we achieve the “magical value”?

The corona virus continues to keep the world in suspense. In order to contain the effects of the virus – including on the economy -, according to experts, ideally the so-called “herd immunity” helps. Base on expert’s estimation, this will be achieved in Germany if around 80% of the population have been vaccinated or recovered from the virus.

“Currently, however, the proportion of vaccinated citizens is stagnating – the willingness to protect themselves against the well-known “severe course” of a corona disease is falling. Therefore, the question arises in this country, “what to do about a declining willingness to vaccinate and against the rising of incidences in autumn again?”

pro-micron’s solution

“This is the question that pro-micron managing director Hubertus von Zastrow asked himself. Around half of the company’s employees are currently vaccinated. A higher vaccination rate would have many advantages – human health and minimizing losses by reducing downtime are just two reasons that are of great importance for every society and every company. The idea is basically simple. Compulsory testing for companies has been in effect since April 20, 2021 – unvaccinated employees must be granted two free tests per week. These are recurring costs that you save with vaccinated employees. Specifically, this means: approx. 250€ per half-year per employee for corona rapid tests. Von Zastrow would now like to pass on these saved costs 1: 1 to every employee who has been vaccinated from now on until September 2021 or for those who has made the decision to do so soon.”

Nationwide coverage

At the beginning of August, the individual solution campaign from pro-micron gained nationwide attention and meets great media interest when ARD Tagesthemen and Sat.1 Bayern reported on Von Zastrow’s idea.