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pro-micron vaccination campaign meets with great media interest

pro-micron Impf-Aktion

“Herd immunity” – Would we achieve the “magical value”? The corona virus continues to keep the world in suspense. In order to contain the effects of the virus – including on the economy -, according to experts, ideally the so-called “herd immunity” helps. Base on expert’s estimation, this will be achieved in Germany if around…


DiMaP 2.0 – Digital Machining Market Place


with over 60 live slots from various partners. From March 16 to 19, experts along the machining value chain will present use cases on the topic of “digital machining”. As no physical trade fairs can take place in this half-year either, the successful format of DiMaP (Digital Machining Market Place) will go into the second…


Intelligent and tactile grinding tools – spike®.

Digitization, Industry 4.0, automation – no matter what you call it, no company can avoid dealing with the integration of intelligent and digitally networked systems. After all, the benefits that affect the entire value chain and improve process reliability, quality and efficiency are decisive in global competition. Digital interfaces on the grinding tool or integrated sensor technology in the tool holder or spindle nose offer easily implantable solutions for various grinding processes.


Bavarian Innovation Award for the spike® cutting force measurement system

Hubertus von Zastrow und Rainer Wunderlich vor pro-micron Leinwand

Engine parts, metallic implants and many other components are machined from compact blocks of material by so-called metal-cutting manufacturing processes. Machine tools for metal-cutting manufacturing are among the most complex manufacturing systems, since dynamics must be combined with rigidity and, above all, precision in the sub-micrometer range. In particular, the interface between the machine and the respective cutting tool, the spindle, is subject to high mechanical loads. Until now, the systems have reached their limits because the analytical possibilities for deeper insights into the process and monitoring were not available.


Now more than ever: Investing during the crisis

Wireless sensor systems are the business field of pro-micron GmbH in Kaufbeuren. For example, for the documentation of processes in a machine and their control. Processes that could lead to even more effective results with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) – if data were no longer just collected, but could be evaluated by algorithms and provided with measures.


Digital Machining Market Place: 01.-03. July 20

DiMaP Logo mit Website

In the trade fair-free times of Corona we developed the market place for digital machining. As companies from the machining value chain we would like to hold exciting webinars with live demos at the machine, give joint presentations with companies from the machining industry and exchange about current questions in the area of digital machining in personal online meetings.