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Wireless and passive temperature sensor tip_300

Your advantages with tip_300

  • Measuring range up to 300°C
  • Up to 6 sensors simultaneously
  • Wireless over several meters
  • Within electromagnetic fields possible
  • In rotating applications
  • In metallic environment
  • Without battery or energy harvesting
  • Signal transmission in 2.4 GHz ISM_Band
  • Different sensor shapes
  • Individual antennas

Our tip_300 applications


For rotating applications in the automotive, aircraft, train and tooling industries


For oven applications in industrial and consumer use

tip300 - wireless temperature measurement with Surface Acoustic Waves

Application areas - SAW of the wireless temperature sensor

  • Temperature monitoring in electric motors
  • Rotating devices
  • Moving surfaces
  • Electronics fabrication
  • Drying furnaces
  • Vacuum drying
  • Thermal surface treatment
  • Electric conductors

Application Possibilities - SAW for the wireless temperature sensor

  • Condition monitoring
  • Threshold monitoring
  • Temperature profiling
  • Production traceability
  • Process controlling

Advantages - SAW because of the wireless measurement

  • Live signal transmission
  • Wire free - no cables needed
  • Less measurement time
  • Reduction of downtimes for measurements

tip300 in Action: wireless temperature measurement with up to 6 Sensors for a rough environenment

tip_300 in electric motors

Tip_300 Temperatursensor, Größendarstellung

Temperature information on the magnets is needed to avoid thermal damage to the magnets in the rotor and thus enable the use of more favorable magnets, improve the accuracy of the control performance and thus increase the efficiency in the drive cycle, maximize the power utilization (avoid derating) and minimize (thermal) reserves.

tip_300 in the soldering furnace

Kondensationslötanlage vom Typ Condenso X der Firma Rehm Thermal Systems

Available in condensation soldering units of the Type Condenso X by Rehm Thermal Systems. The sensor has been integrated into the transfer-rack of the now available WPS 2.4 (Wireless Profiling System) system. This allows a process traceability of 100%, which results in a complete monitoring of every soldering process.

  • Optional in new systems
  • Retrofitting possible

tip_300 in the kitchen

Temperatursensor „Wireless Precision Probe“ von Miele

At the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, Miele presented the product "Wireless Precision Probe". Exclusively for Miele, pro-micron develops and mass-produces a sensor based on SAW technology that acts as an accurate wireless food thermometer and communicates with the oven, which automatically regulates the temperature based on precise data information. So no matter what food is cooked to the point.

These customers are already using the wireless and passive temperature sensor tip_300 in oven applications

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