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Messen an rotierenden Wellen infografik

Measurements in rotating shafts - Measuring where usually not possible

  • Improvement of production processes
  • Feedback about conditions at fast moving machine parts
  • Quality improvement due to the integration of data readings into machine controls

The further development and technological progress of plant engineering leads to a continual minimizing of part size and an increase in production capacity and speed. The components and sensors that are integrated need to be adapted to cope with an increasingly harsh environment.

pro-micron has developed wireless sensor systems that deliver readings in a hostile environment, at very high temperatures, under stress conditions from acceleration or abrasive materials. The wireless sensor systems enable data to be delivered from within metal surroundings and on rotating components which, due to the mechanical stress, would not be possible otherwise.

The core area for sensor solutions on rotating components, enables measurements to be taken at points where it is not possible otherwise.


spike® - Measure forces directly on cutting tool

  • Efficient development because of the possibility to directly measure forces occuring during cutting processes
  • Cost minimisation due to flexible use and handling
  • Very well adapted for mobile and on-site use
  • Monitoring of critical manufacturing processes Quality assurance
  • Jammed chip and flat level detection
  • Detection of chips in mikrometer range between tool and spindle
  • Prevents concentricity errorsnt.

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