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article – optimal geometry developed with spike®

By means of the bending moments acting on the tool, which the spike® displays in the form of a polar plot, it can be seen at a glance that the cutting edges of the tool have a different effect. The polar plot can show when single blades are unintentionally loaded more than others. This makes…

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spike meets Japan

spike® now also in Japan

In May 2017, our new spike partner in Japan, Fukuda Corp. and the pro-micron management signed a close cooperation based on partnership. spike continues to become international and is now active through Fukuda Corp. to acquire.

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Video – What is the Polarplot? (english)

spike is measuring bending moment in x- & y-direction. With this it is possible to visualze forces in 2-D view. This funktion is calles Polarplot and has already helped machining engineers to improve their processes much faster. In this video Polarplot is explained by a concrete example. Watch video here

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SPIKE und Pro-micron in Chicago

spike® at the IMTS 2016 in Chicago USA

pro-micron presents the spike sensoric toolholder spike for the second time in a row at the IMTS in Chicago, USA. Process diagnostics & -monitoring are also relevant challenges for the US automotive & aviation market, which can be achieved with spike.

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social media

spike® meets Social Media

spike is now also represented on social media such as LinkedIn and Xing. Follow us on our company & product pages and stay up to date with the latest information, new insights and information.

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