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Video – spike_connect –> machine connection and spike_KPIs

By otto.zastrow | 21. January 2018

The spike_mobile (sensory tool holder) can no longer just be used as a diagnostic tool for process optimization – it has also found its role as a monitoring device for serial production with machine connection. Watch video

KPIs and machine integration

Video – application example for process analysis & -optimization with spike®

By otto.zastrow | 21. January 2018

The forces acting on the tool can be measured with spike. That’s why process data analysis allows you to quickly carry out decisive optimizations. spike process engineer Alexander Sperling explains how to proceed and how to obtain initial statements about his process on the basis of simple analyses. Watch video

prozessanalyse mit spike

Video – Speed up your milling with constant cutting forces

By otto.zastrow | 21. January 2018

During traditional roughing operations cutterpaths often contain variable chip loads, varying step overs, and -too often -full diameter width cuts. Adaptive Clearing utilizes a strategy of constant cuts with a repositioning move. Get the facts about the inherent benefits of adaptive clearing from Autodesk and of spike sensory tool holder from pro-micron GmbH & Co. KG…

powertrain machining TU darmstadt 255x0

Meet spike at the 14th Powertrain Manufacturing Conference in Darmstadt in November

By otto.zastrow | 14. January 2018

spike  and its approach of sensor based manufacturing in context of Industry 4.0 will be part of the 14th Powertrain Manufacturing Conference in Darmstadt in November. PTW organizes this event to provide valuable insights into future trends and challenges regarding the manufacturing of powertrain components. Learn more about the Powertrainer Manufactoring Conference in Darmstadt

serienprozessoptimierung automobilindustrie

Article – automobile manufacturer identifies causes of complex process problem faster than before

By otto.zastrow | 14. January 2018

Regularly occurring process problems and corresponding quality defects in the component have caused an automobile manufacturer to use the spike® for problem analysis in a serial process. A first recording allowed him to document the forces he encountered. The problem could be identified with the spike® without time-consuming, empirical tests. View German PDF Document

Verschleiß an Schneide messen

recognizing forces per cutting edge with the spike®- Polarplot

By otto.zastrow | 14. January 2018

Depending on the process parameter setting, the forces per cutting edge can be displayed and analyzed in detail, e. g. cutting edge pressure detection, welding-on, cutting edge displacement., … View PDF document

Kühlschmiermittelvergleich und Zerspankräfte Messen

Article – spike® compares cooling lubricants on the basis of objective measurement data

By otto.zastrow | 14. January 2018

An optimally selected cooling lubricant ensures optimum chip removal, cooling and reduction of cutting forces. Using the spike measurement data, simple performance comparisons of cooling lubricants can be made and quick statements about the selection of the cooling lubricant can be made.  

Video – Tool-Saving CNC-Milling: Autodesk Adaptive Clearing in Action (german)

By otto.zastrow | 14. January 2018

Autodesk Pier 9 in San Francisco is working on the future of digital production. In this video you will get a detailed insight into Adaptive Clearing technology and learn why this HSC strategy is so effective and can still reduce your tool wear. The entire process was recorded using the sensory toolholder spike® and evaluated thereafter.…

Produktivitätssteigerung Zeiteinsparung Prozessverkürzung Kräftediagramm

Article – 10,7% productivity gain generated in series machining

By otto.zastrow | 14. January 2018

A South German automotive supplier recently measured the axial and bending moment forces on the holder with the help of its sensory toolholder spike ® , thus reducing its process duration by 10.7% per bore – with verified bore hole quality by the polar plot. View German article

3 Schneidenfräser_1 Schneide fehlt

article – optimal geometry developed with spike®

By otto.zastrow | 11. January 2018

By means of the bending moments acting on the tool, which the spike® displays in the form of a polar plot, it can be seen at a glance that the cutting edges of the tool have a different effect. The polar plot can show when single blades are unintentionally loaded more than others. This makes…

Video: Recap of Hannover trade fair industry 2018

Impressions of the Hannover trade fair Industry 2018.

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