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Surface Acoustic Wave Technology

At the junction between micro mechatronic and miniaturised measuring systems

  • Passive wireless sensor systems realised in the smallest space
  • Measurements and data entry in metal environment
  • Robust and ideally adapted for your applications 

SAW – sensor technology: measure wirelessly, without energy supply

SAW stands for ‘surface acoustic wave’. With this technology, wireless sensor systems can be created that can work passively, thereby removing the need for an external energy source. SAW sensors can be used to measure temperatures or strain (especially forces, torque or bending moment) including readings on moving elements with a range of up to a few metres.

Diverse areas of application

The SAW sensor, based on a micro-structured piezo element, generates a sensitive surface wave. Due to the micro technically fabricated construction without electronic components, the space-saving components are suitable for use with high temperatures, in rough environmental conditions and within machines.

High performance, sensor solutions optimised for your needs

The SAW sensor technology expands our technological portfolio as an established specialist for wireless sensor technology in the area of innovative technologies for specialised applications.
Using our network of proven experts for production and radar electronics, we can offer high performance system solutions optimised to suit your applications.

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