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stromleitung, telefonleitung

At the interface between micromechatronics and miniaturized measuring systems

  • Wireless, telemetric solutions in a metallic environment
  • Realized on smallest space in movable parts and rough environments
  • Clear feedback about conditions at the measurement location

Unexpected possibilities of wireless data transmission

Telemetry is the transmission of values between a sensor and a receiver that is physically separated from it. The use of telemetric solutionsenables the transmission of a wide variety of measured values such temperature, forces, acceleration, position and others to provide a receiver with information that is resulting in at the following

As a specialist in the field of telemetric solutions, pro-micron offers the possibility to reliably measure even in extremely harsh environments, such as moving machine parts or at high temperatures, and to transmit the data obtained there wirelessly to a receiver.
This makes it possible to implement measurement solutions in places that cannot be realized with conventional cable-based measurement systems. We offer our customers in plant and mechanical engineering solutions that are optimally adapted to the respective requirements.

Rainer wunderlich

Managing Partner - CTO
Mr. Dr. Ing. Rainer Wunderlich 
Dipl. physicist
Tel.: 08341 9560 - 50

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