drahtloser temperatursensor tip300

tip300 - wireless temperature sensor

  • Temperature monitoring up to 300°C
  • Up to 6 sensors simultaneously
  • Wireless transmission over several meters
  • In metallic environments
  • Without batteries or energy harvesting
  •  2,4 GHz ISM-Band transmission
  • Various sensor shapes
  • Individual antennas

Product description

The wireless temperature sensors work passively and do not need additional power supply at the measuring point. The sensor system with a low thermal profile allows wireless temperature measurements while moving or rotating, in small spaces or in mobile applications.

tip300 allows contact measurement of temperatures directly at the product or a reference board with passive temperature probes without the necessity of an additional energy supply at the measuring point. Temperature information will then be transmitted wirelessly to the receiver. There they are then send live to the production unit via a digital data interface which will process and assess the temperatures.

The sensors are specified up to a temperature of 300°C and are very durable and reliable. Up to 3 sensors with a measuring rate of up to 5 Hzcan be used. Via optimised transmitters and receivers the system can be individually used in a variety of different processing units. The sensitive measuring system can detect and display temperature changes of less than 0,05 Kelvin. The absolute system accuracy is specified with 1 Kelvin.

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Possible areas of appliation for the wireless temperature sensor tip300
● Electronics fabrication
● Drying furnaces
● Vacuum drying
● Thermal surface treatment
● Electric conductors
● Rotating devices
● Moving surfaces


Useable for 
● Condition monitoring
● Threshold monitoring
● Temperature profiling
● Production traceability
● Process controlling
Advantages compared to cable connected systems and loggers
● Live signal transmission
● Wire free - no cables needed
● Less measurement time
● Reduction of downtimes for measurements
rem thermal systems

tip300 is available

Available in condensation soldering units of the Type Condenso X by Rehm Thermal Systems. The sensor has been integrated into the transfer-rack of the now available WPS 2.4 (Wireless Profiling System) system. This allows a process traceability of 100%, which results in a complete monitoring of every soldering process.

  • Optional in new systems
  • Retrofitting possible
Rehm Thermal Systems


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