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spike® and fusion at EMO Hanover 2023

Do you know your actual tool life? Our trade fair team presented new developments around the spike® model series at the EMO in Hanover from September 18. - 23. In cooperation with numerous partners, we put together four different spike® Use Cases. In these Use Cases our sensory tool holder spike®_mobile as well as our spindle integrated model spike®_inspindle were represented. Together with our software "fusion", spike® offers a powerful solution on the way to digital machining.

Here is a quick recap of our Use Cases:

  • Aerospace Bracket Part with GROB and gemineers – High precision Aluminum machining with digital twin for 100% process documentation.
  • CFRP Drilling with REGO-FIX and Sharon-Cutwell – Algorithm based tool failure point prediction for reduction of quality check efforts and costs.
  • Titanium machining with DMG MORI and CERATIZIT – KPI based tool life prediction with live in-process quality forecast and process force monitoring.
  • AI based Drilling with FANUC, Gühring KG and Big Data in Manufacturing – Quality prediction with algorithms based on spike® process force data.

For information on our upcoming and past trade shows check out our trade-fair page.