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Now more than ever: Investing during the crisis

Wireless sensor systems are the business field of pro-micron GmbH in Kaufbeuren. For example, for the documentation of processes in a machine and their control. Processes that could lead to even more effective results with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) - if data were no longer just collected, but could be evaluated by algorithms and provided with measures. To increase the quality of products or improve preventive maintenance.

Be fully there when the economy picks up again
Already in September 2019, pro-micron presented the first AI-based solution approaches in connection with the sensory tool holder spike at the EMO trade fair in Hanover. "Building on this, we are trying to intensively use the deceleration forced by Corona for the further expansion of the AI-based digitalization of our products and have hired another employee for this purpose," says managing partner Hubertus von Zastrow. In collaboration with the University of Augsburg and the associated Institute for Software and Systems Engineering (ISSE), another development project on the topic was launched in May. "Despite corona-related cost-cutting measures on the one hand, we are strategically investing in the further development of our digital products. We want to be fully there when the economy picks up again."
Using online channels for customer communication
One way of countering the Corona crisis and at the same time preparing for the future is to make greater use of online channels. And not just to enable home offices. Especially for customer communication, pro-micron is going digital. "Our young employees pushed to expand these channels with good ideas," says von Zastrow. The result is a webinar series that shows live demonstrations from CNC machines - with more than 1,000 registrations in just a few weeks. Customers can learn about wireless tool monitoring and screen user interfaces online at a glance. "It's an important service at a time when trade shows can't happen." And after Corona, it's probably hard to imagine life without it.
Digital Machining Market Place             
The latest digital offensive is the online conference "Digital Machining Market Place" (DiMaP), which will be held until today. It is organized by pro-micron and nine other medium-sized companies and institutes from the machining value chain. In 25 program points, the participating companies will present digital machining solutions, and users can participate in live demonstrations and presentations online.
DiMaP Logo mit Website
Hubertus von Zastrow
Shaping change together with employees
The IHK Academy in Kaufbeuren will also be presenting a program item on digital learning at DiMaP. Von Zastrow is particularly pleased about this: "The digital transformation can only be successfully implemented together with the employees. We should give them the tools to do so." During DiMaP, the "Director's exchange" - an online format of a lecture and discussion event originally planned by the Swabian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and suspended due to Corona - will address how AI is changing the world of work in general and how employees can see this change as an opportunity.
From application center to international company
Pro-micron was founded in Kaufbeuren in 2003 by several local authorities, companies and the initiator, the Swabian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, as an "Application Center for Microsystems Technology". The aim was to support companies in the region in the development of future-oriented technologies. Today, pro-micron is an independent, internationally operating company and employs 44 people. They produce wireless sensor systems for plant and mechanical engineering, for the food industry as well as for the aerospace industry. (Text: Ulrich Pfaffenberger)
Das neue Headquarter während den Bauarbeiten ....