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spike® - Find your Individual Solution

monitoring system
in serial production

  • machine integrated solution
  • 100% Inline-Quality Control
  • wear detection per cutting edge during the milling process
  • wear based automatic tool change
  • chatter mark detection
  • drill run detection
  • enables adaptive feed control

diagnosis system
for the process expert

  • plug- & play solution
  • optimising process parameters
  • increase of productivity & tool life
  • tool comparison/ optimisation
  • enables comparison of cooling lubricant / coating

visualisation system
for small lot sizes

  • vibration detection
  • wear detection of each cutting edge during the milling process
  • used for small and medium lot sizes
  • plug- & play solution
  • support of the machine operator
  • visualisation of the relative workload of the tool in %

spike® has already established itself in these processes

spike® - from a 100% monitoring system to a machine operator-assistant solution

No matter whether you have small or large lot sizes, spike® is the smart tool holder for all user groups in the machinig industry, optimising and machine operator-assistant. Spike® offers the ideal solution as a complete integration with a complex machine connection, but also as an assistance system via plug&play. The advantage of the spike® sensor system is that even most sensitive processes can be controlled and analysed in realtime. Additionally it shows the machine operator what the tool does at the moment. Since the end of 2018 spike® can even communicate directly with the machine.

The sensor system spike® is a measuring system which detects the cutting forces and moments directly on the tool. With the bending moment in X- and Y-direction, spike® can detect each cutting edge during the milling process. spike® is often used in machining procedures like milling, drilling, turning, grinding, grating, reaming and FSW.



axial force






bending moment





What is spike®_polar?

The patented spike®_polar provides the opportunity to compare the current state with the target state, which enables to diagnose a worn tool or an unbalance. spike®_polar can even detect chatter marks and also show process fluctuations. Additionaly it doesn´t miss out on dirt stacking on a blade or vibrations, bacause of the sensitive resolution of the bending moment.

Thereby deviation of dimension- and surface tolerance due to tool wear or fluctuating tool performance can be identified - And that enables to initiate an automatic tool change before a quality problem emerges.


Example 1: wear detection for each cutting edge

Example 2: mistake during drilling

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patented measurement of cutting force in production

Used as a monitoring tool - spike®_easyinline

in the automated serial production

Benefit: "Monitoring system with machine"

  • 100% in-process quality control
  • monitoring of form- and position tolerance
  • reduction of tool costs (via force-controlled tool change)
  • prevent machine downtime
  • adaptive feed control
  • manless production

Used as a diagnostic tool- spike®_expertline

for optimising processes and tools

Benefit: "diagnostic system for the flexible use from the case"

  • solve process problems faster
  • optimise productivity and tool lifetime
  • product development and optimisation (tool, coating, cooling lubricant, process, machine, …)
  • R & D (Universities)



Used for visualisation -

for small and medium lot sizes

Benefit: "assistance system for machine operators"

  • visual process support "state of process at one glance"
  • Conlusion as to capacity utilisation of the tool holder (%)*
  • indirect wear (%)*
  • Manual protection of machine- / process-overload (%)*

* % of the holder strength

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