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Conference on precision tools for chipping manufacturing

Pro-micron will be present at the symposium in Nürtingen from February 26 - 27.

Hubertus von Zastrow, CEO of pro-micron GmbH and Robin Berger, plant manager of Berger Holding GmbH & Co. Kg jointly give the presentation "Industry 4.0 Machining of today and tomorrow".

Learn how sensor systems can be used purposefully along the value chain.

Technical lecture on Tuesday, 26th February 2019 at 14:00. 

Industry 4.0 machining today and tomorrow - how sensor systems can be used purposefully along the value chain

The cost- and time-neutral 100% quality control in combination with wear-based dynamic tool change and the detection of unbalance, misalignment, misalignment, sheath breakage amortizes a supposedly large effort in a few months.

Data can add value in various ways - provided that it is suitable as a basis for decision-making and triggers optimization actions, preferably in an automated manner.

At pro-micron, we avoid the sensible approach of collecting as much data as possible in order to identify patterns - i.e. correlations - of which we were previously unaware. Instead, we use our sensor systems to collect known phenomena such as the cutting condition of the tool or, derived from this, the surface quality of the workpiece via sensitive, directly measuring force sensors (spike as a sensory tool holder or as a spindle-integrated variant) close to the workpiece, to condense them via algorithms (spike_kpi) and thus to make them available as exclusive data to the machine control for automated measures. Of course, in the future they can also be used as compressed findings in the cross-machine database (intranet or cloud) for performance comparison of machine, tool and process. Based on this, first self-learning AI approaches show promising optimization potential of the process with the goal to map the expected tool life performance as account balance.

The interaction of the value chain in which the tool manufacturer makes his tools intelligent through spike_kpi, the machine builder can read the stored spike_kpi and assign them to the process, and the user can collect the data and read out actions with the help of the installed sensor systems incl. Tool Control Center on the HMI, leads to a strong simplification of an originally complex matter. Therefore, we as pro-micron work intensively with our partners along the value chain for the benefit of the machining company, such as the Alois Berger Group. As a versatile company with more than 2,700 employees, it is active worldwide both in the automotive high-volume sector and in the high-precision machine tool sector with all essential machining processes. In order to maintain a leading role among competitors in this challenging market and to sustainably live up to the values it has set itself in the areas of quality and adherence to deadlines, Berger relies on continuous process optimization. Innovative solutions play a major role in this.

In the user-oriented co-lecture, Hubertus v. Zastrow from pro-micron will present the machining solutions and visions of today and tomorrow, and Robin Berger from Alois Berger will present their application, as well as a way to implement the low hanging fruits in a goal-oriented manner.

We are looking forward to seeing You!